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Fulfillment Services from the Professionals

All Pro Moving & Commercial Warehousing Order Fulfillment services can't be beat. We have developed highly accurate, safe and timely processes that ensure orders are fulfilled accurately, without delay. Our professional, highly trained staff have years of experience in the packaging, shipping and fulfillment industry. That's knowledge you can't put a price on. From the picking, packing, verifying and shipping steps, each fulfillment is monitored and quality controlled. Our warehouses are located in Grand Junction, CO and extends to the Western Slope, Colorado, United States, and the Globe. Trust your fulfillment services to a professional fulfillment company you can trust.

Order Fulfillment for Consumer Goods

Whether you require order fulfillment for your startup or small business, or you’re an established merchant that sells through multiple channels online, All Pro offers an affordable, scalable solution for you. All Pro specializes in fulfillment for merchants of all types and sizes, including those that sell a variety of consumer goods, from stickers, to cookware, to collectibles. Below you will find an overview of our fulfillment services, technology, and our friendly pricing and terms.

Scalable Fulfillment Services

Internet sellers often experience ups and downs throughout the year. With All Pro Moving, our scalable services allow you to more easily handle sales volatility, while enabling rapid growth for your startup or established business. Here’s a brief overview of our complete fulfillment services:

  • ​Receiving
  • Inventory storage
  • Pick and pack services
  • Product shipping
  • Returns processing

​Secure Order Fulfillment Center

All Pro Moving and Commercial Storage offers low-cost inventory storage to accommodate your growing business. Whether you’re a startup doing 50 orders per month, or an established merchant doing 5,000 orders per month, we offer an affordable solution without any long-term storage fees or penalties. With 24-hour security monitoring, disaster preparedness, and ongoing pest control, you can rest easy knowing your goods are kept safe in our clean, secure order fulfillment center.

Friendly Terms for Startups & Established Sellers

A lot of companies make it difficult to take advantage of outsourced order fulfillment. Not at All Pro Moving. Our friendly terms and affordable pricing makes it easy for all types of sellers, from startups to multi-channel merchants. Here’s what you get with All Pro Moving and Commercial Storage:

  • ​No setup fees
  • No integration fees
  • No long-term contracts
  • No long-term storage fees
  • No hidden fees or tricky terms
  • Fast, personalized support from our dedicated client services team

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