Knowledge, Experience, and the right tools.....

The All Pro Difference isn't in our large fleet of trucks, the many people we employ, or the value we provide our customers.

Moving is more than just having a starting and end point, some muscle and a truck. It’s also the experience, knowledge and tools to get the job done right. At All Pro Moving & Commercial Warehousing, we not only have the knowledge and tools to do the job, we’ve also invented some extras of our own. Our experience and passion for moving has led us to hand design, hand build, and field test these propriety tools:


Grandfather Clock Box

This design came out of thoughtfulness, care and the drive to be the best. Grandfather clocks are priceless in value, and in the memories they hold and holding is what our Grandfather clock moving box does. It’s designed to safely and securely hold the delicate suspended pieces within the clock, so that the body of the clock can be wrapped, and cared for individually from the internal components. This proprietary tool exemplifies and defines the professionalism that is All Pro Moving & Commercial Warehousing.


So maybe NASA invented this one, but we can be credited with adapting it for moving. This comes in handy when traversing the rough terrain of the western slope. 8 wheels and precision maneuverability – Spas, Sheds, Commercial Pizza Ovens, Concert Grand Pianos - All are a breeze. Better notify SETI, we're using our intelligence for moving on earth!


Wishart Deluxe

Designed out of necessity to complete a job, and named after its creator, this tool satisfies customers left and right. When All Pro Moving was tasked with moving a piano to an upstairs location, 21 steps that included 2 tight 90 degree turns, we knew this challenge was one we could not refuse. After a few days of design, some thorough engineering, and expert fabrication, this tool was ready for use. Strong, durable, and designed for safety, we guarantee to move your piano when everyone else can't.